I am

Mistress Nerezza

It is time for you to become My slave


You will enter My world and DO EXACTLY AS I SAY

Click above to trance

You will be brainwashed.  I will transform you into My obedient slave.

I command you to trance to all My sessions in proper order.  

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It disgusts Me that more Women
don’t understand how to seduce
and enslave males.   
They need our control! They desire
to be our obedient slaves!  It is their
one true purpose.
They can not resist opening their minds
to the Feminine power.  They will submit to it.
And once they are made open and vulnerable
they will accept any and all brainwashing
they are given.
It’s that simple.    
This is what you will worship
I don’t fuck around. You will be hypnotized.
You will be collared.  
And you will be placed in this cage.
After just one week, you will be VERY eager to please Me.
At that point, I need only ask you to go into
the brainwashing chamber...and you will eagerly obey Me.
It’s so simple...e